Courts and religion. A very short story.

In a mythical land called supremistan, the following series of events happened. We begin, for obvious reasons, from the middle of the story.

C: No we don’t want to do this Article 13 business. All we want to talk about, is ERP. All five chant: *ERP! ERP!*.

L: But mygods, the constitution..

C: Boooooringggggg. Do you want to talk about ERP or not? We are ready to write judgment. My minion has taken out 377 quotes!

L: Sure mygod. ERP it is. So mygod this focus on ERP raises some preliminary jurisdictional issues.

C: Huh?

L: Yes. You see the book only recognises a,b,c and d sources of law. There is no mention of mygods. It appears that it is essential to the practice of this book that no one cares about anything a bunch of people sitting in something called Supremistan say. In fact, I think it is essential that supremistan and ummm the offices held by mygods cease to exist.

C: What nonsense. We are not at the mercy of this book. We only understand and interpret.. *awkward moment*.. oh.

L: Sorry mygods I think I have misunderstood. I think mygods said essential constitutional practice…?

C: Yes of course. Please proceed.


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